• Life changes.
    So should
    your policy.

    We know that life can shift unexpectedly.
    When it does, we can assist you so that
    your policies fits your life and lifestyle
    —when you need it.

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  • Guidance for
    your business
    & employees.

    Selecting and administering your employees
    benefits program is a big responsibility.
    We make a point to wrap ourselves
    around the unique needs of your company
    and only recommend quality programs that
    enhance your benefit plan.

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  • Let us find
    what’s right
    for you.

    Life is busy and we know that you don’t
    have time to research which insurance
    is right for you. With some basic
    information we can quickly compile
    quotes based on the coverage and
    pricing you specify.

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  • Giving you

    At Aiken Insurance, we represent a number of
    insurance carriers, giving us the ability to help
    you find the price and coverage that best
    fits your needs. You're not confined to
    what only one carrier offers.
Finding insurance options that fit the needs of individuals, families, seniors and businesses since 1958.

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We offer a variety of plans for individuals and families from companies such as: